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How does the Nonolet work?Nonolet use

The Nonolet (derivative of the Latin non olet = no odor) is odorless thanks to the covering principle, a discovery by Sietz Leeflang. After using the toilet you cover the excrement with a few paper sheets, which you then press down with a flat round plunger or 'presse papier'. 'Fresh' excrement smells because it contains bacteria's of the colon system. These bacteria die when the come in contact with oxygen. The paper covering the excrement is rich in oxygen. This way an odorless, tight packet of 'papier maché' is created. All you see when you look into the toilet bowl is a grey paper mass. Pour a glass of water over this heap every now and again and you have a perfect seal, and it will be of no interest to flies or other insects. The urine slides right of this heap and is drained away, thereby separating faeces and urine. When the degradable bag is full al you need to do is close the bag, take it out and heave it over to a bucket with which to carry it out. You dispose of it either in the garden waste bin for collection or your on own compost heap (the bag needs to be removed then). The container in the toilet can be cleaned with a splash of household vinegar and then relined with a new or re-used degradable bag.

The substance that can cause a nasty odor is urine. That is why urine is collected separately and drained away to either the sewage system, a tank, or, as we do at the Twaalf Ambachten, to a constructed wetland where the urine is purified along with waste water. These wetland constructions also come in small versions which can be placed in your home. People are even going to experiment with this combination on a boat soon.

Nonolet on a boat

In the water sport sector, where discharging the contents of sewage tank is prohibited in open water, it is still allowed to discharge waste water along with urine. The drawing below shows a simple, low cost system recommend by us as a way to pump urine overboard along with the waste water. The pump tank used is available through us.

Nonolet Maritiem

For use on a boat: Nonolet Marine,
only 34 cm high.

Still afraid it will smell?
No need to worry! The chances of the toilet becoming smelly are very slight as you have read above. But to make absolutely sure this will not occur, the Nonolet is fitted with a ventilation system in the back. The ventilation is managed by an easy to connect air hose with a small 12 volt ventilator and an extension to the open air or air filter. The adapter for 220 volt is included. When no electricity is available a 6 volt battery can be used and will keep the system going for about a week. In some cases a ventilator isn't even needed. As the ventilation is managed inside the Nonolet smells are taken care of directly when the toilet is in use - non olet! We'll be happy to advise you for your specific situation.