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Green Techniques

Welcome to Green Techniques, the 12 Ambachten's free do-it-yourself manual of tried & tested ecological home improvement techniques.
'Green' denotes environmental-friendliness, but it also stands for money and $avings.
Implement some or all of our techniques and you'll improve your home ecologically and drastically reduce your monthly energy and/or water bills.
'Waste not, want not' makes good environmental and economic sense!
For instance, follow our step-by-step guides to heating your home with tile stoves, to stoking wood fires more effectively, to harnessing the sun's rays more efficiently and watch your monthly energy bills shrink.
From collecting rainwater to building a semi-underground home or our patented Paper Leaf ® compost toilet, there are easy, practical techniques here for everyone, whether you're an experienced craftsman or an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer. Click on a keyword on the list below and discover the green home improvement methods and techniques that are right for you.


The sun-drying case
(march 2000)
  Improved rainwater balance
(march 2002)
Passive solar heat
(june 2000)
Quiet living created by sand and vegetation (june 2002)
Radiant heat: cleaner, healthier and more economical (september 2000)   Learning by demolishing
(september 2002)
Heat exchanger: yes or no?
(december 2000)
  Your house as a thermos bottle
(december 2002)
Better wood stoking
(march 2001)
  Composting Paper Leaf Toilet material
(march 2003)
Collecting and storing rainwater
(june 2001)
  How to make a DIY Nonolet
(december 2007)
Inexpensively insulating glass
(december 2001)