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What is De Twaalf Ambachten?

De Twaalf Ambachten (in English: The Twelve Trades) is a Netherlands-based organization committed to developing and spreading ecologically-sound technological alternatives for modern living. In 1978 we began experimenting with ecological technology, which is technology created and developed to benefit people, animals and the environment. Our approach is based on basic skills; we do everything with the simplest means possible. All that we aim to create or develop must be simple. Modern technology is complicated enough. People come to us for simpler alternatives.

De Twaalf Ambachten is an independent foundation supported by some 1,000 donors. Our ultimate mission is to create a way-of-life that allows people to be less dependent on modern technological systems and to enable individuals to solve their technical problems themselves, becoming more self-sufficient and ecologically responsible in the process. We hope that our organization will encourage others to establish small-scale businesses and workshops based on the ideas, systems and products we develop.