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Inexpensively insulating glass

Every year hundreds of tons of windows are thrown away, as double-glazing (usually industrial double-glazing) replaces single glass windows. Secondary glazing is rarely if ever requested, because people think that industrial glass, such as thermal glass, is better because it doesn't fog up and because dirt cannot become lodged between the airtight sealed panes. Consequently, huge amounts of money are being wasted on windowpanes, which are often thick mirror glass, and you, your home and wallet are being shortchanged. People have enjoyed huge cost savings (sometimes thousands of euros) and achieved better and more sustainable results with self-installed secondary glazing. To install the secondary glazing you need a standard seal with simple slats and strips of insulation. Prior to beginning, make sure that the side of the glass that will be inaccessible after installation is thoroughly cleaned, so as to be free of dust and streaks.



The 'secret of the smith' for our inexpensive and perfectly insulated secondary windows is in the use of a balloon or a similarly easily contractible or expandable reservoir, which we fill with dried silicon pellets. You can often find these pellets in a paint, glass or hardware store, but you can also collect them from the packing material that comes with electronic goods, cameras and other products. This method can save you thousands of euros, especially when renovating large, old homes and buildings; and as soon as our economy stops growing, and people stop having money to waste, our balloon system will surely become more popular.




The illustration shows how it is installed. Electrical piping is extremely handy for connecting the space between the glass to the space where the balloon, the cylinder or the bicycle or car tire filled with silicon pellets are stored. If the window frame is too small or thin for this 'storage place', then you can attach an external box to it.



Two balloons are sufficient for a fairly large room, measuring four square meters. For smaller rooms, one elastic silicone storage place is sufficient. Our secondary glazing has worked perfectly for decades, without becoming grimy!